FNG SAE Toyota Tacoma 05-11 Amber Fog Pods (Kit) 11309 - Vivid Lumen Industries

FNG SAE Toyota Tacoma 05-11 Amber Fog Pods (kit) 11309

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Available Now: The wait is over, the 2nd Gen Toyota Direct Fog Light replacements are ready to ship!

If you are looking for something to express your taste and compliment the cool curves of your ride then look no further. Lets face it, you put time, sweat and tears into your build and don't forget about the dollars! Do you throw on the bumper, winch, wheels and tires then slap on some generic lights? I don't think so!

Here at Vivid Lumen we are the new guys on your radar. New guys with the newest tech and support you deserve when choosing the right lights that you can take pride in, the new lights that people walk by your ride to take a second or even a third look at.

You can be proud whether the lights are going on first, or if they're the last mod, the icing on the cake! you can walk away and know that you make the right choice by choosing the FNG Series Offroad and Street Legal to light the road ahead!